the goal of The American Center(s) for Cures is to prevent or cure three or four diseases in the next 10 years.



The Ultimate Health Care Solution And
What You Can And Must Do.
How Your Can Help

The vision of The American Center(s) for Cures (ACC) is to serve as a bridge between the promise of scientific discovery and the need for disease cures. How?  By bringing the pieces of the puzzle together.  The ACC is a public/private partnership, coordinating the resources of the federal government with the speed and genius of the private sector.

How To Donate
Your donation counts in making a profound difference. By making a contribution today, you can ensure that we have the resources to create and instill change in our country. All contributions will be used for marketing and public relations efforts to establish The American Center(s) for Cures initiative. We greatly appreciate your support!

Please send checks payable to "The American Center(s) for Cures Foundation" to the following address:

The American Center(s) for Cures Foundation
190 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 510
Chicago, IL 60603



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